Driving around Sioux Falls, you'll notice a lot of construction. New businesses are going up in every corner of the city. I decided to take a drive around Sioux Falls and see what's new.

The 85th and Minnesota intersection is going to be busy. It's the site for the newest Walmart which will open soon. Soo Sports already occupies the southeast corner. A car dealership is being built in the northwest corner and there could possibly be another car lot in the northeast corner. Jerry Bahr of Jerry's Auto Sales owns that lot, but the lot currently sits empty.

Several restaurants are coming to town. Jim's Burgers recently opened in the former KFC on Minnesota Avenue. A fifth Culvers is being built. Sioux Falls will finally get a Red Robin and a Popeye's, and a new Mexican restaurant will occupy part of a new strip mall.

Your grocery bill might get smaller.  There's going to be a lot more competition in the city. A second Fareway is being built at 41st and Sycamore and even before the first Aldi opens, a second location is already being built.

One of the biggest projects planned for the city that will help with further development is the Highway 100 project. According to the South Dakota Department of Transportation's website:

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) is continuing to move forward on a highway corridor that will somewhat parallel Interstate 229 (I-229) and be located at the outer edge of the City of Sioux Falls 2025 Growth Plan. This outer corridor, named South Dakota 100 (SD100), will be a 17-mile limited access highway beginning at Exit 73 (Tea Interchange) on Interstate 29 (I-29) and traveling in an east / northeasterly direction intersecting with South Dakota 11 at 57th Street. SD100 then travels straight north intersecting with Interstate 90 (I-90) at existing Exit 402 (Timberline Interchange).

Check out the slideshow above for more info about new businesses opening in the Sioux Empire.


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