There's been a new Coast Guard regulation that took place just a couple of weeks ago. You may not even know that you could be violating the law when you take your boat out this weekend.

Starting on April 20, 2022, new fire extinguisher regulations are required for recreational boaters. They've updated their regulations for the type of portable disposable fire extinguishers that need to be on recreational boats that are propelled or controlled by propulsion machinery.

What has changed with the new regulations?

For boats manufactured in 2018 or later, the fire extinguisher needs to be replaced if it is over  12 years old from the date of manufacturing

Boats from the model year 2017 and older SHOULD replace older fire extinguishers, but can continue to carry undated fire extinguishers if they are maintained in "good and serviceable condition."

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Where do you find the manufacturing date?

All disposable fire extinguishers produced in the last 20 years have a manufacture date stamped on the bottom of the cylinder.

What boats need a fire extinguisher?

All recreational boats with:

1. Permanently installed fuel tank(s), or

2. Spaces that are capable of trapping fumes, such as a

  • Closed compartment under thwarts and seats wherein portable fuel tanks may be stored.
  • Double bottom not sealed to the hull or that is not completely filled with flotation material.
  • Closed living space.
  • Closed stowage compartment in which combustible or flammable materials is stowed.

The Coast Guard also urges you to practice boating safety and wear a life jacket. Especially because the water is so cold this spring, it could really save your life.

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