Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, but this invention might make your home and garden life a little easier.

AI Lawn Mower

The new LawnMeister robot, much like the popular Roomba vacuum, takes care of your lawn without any effort from you.

The LawnMeister's Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS) utilizes robot vision and AI for route planning and obstacle avoidance. It can expertly maneuver around your lawn, avoiding obstacles and trimming every blade of grass with precision.

Heisenberg Robotics
Heisenberg Robotics

With a 3D navigation system and advanced "robot vision," the LawnMeister can recognize all types of objects, even those that are moving. This feature ensures that your loved ones, pets, and lawn remain safe and clean. You won't have to worry about the bot running into pets or driving over any dog poop.

Watch It Go

LawnMeister takes care of grass perfectly all year round by adapting its mowing schedule based on location, season, and weather. Additionally, you can personalize the schedule according to your convenience.

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The LawnMeister doesn't require any wire setup as it uses virtual boundaries to prevent it from leaving your lawn. This bot also mows in straight lines, providing an excellent manicure to your lawn. Furthermore, it is equipped with a "no-go zones" feature that keeps the bot away from areas you don't want it to mow, like gardens or playgrounds.

More Than Just Grass Cutting

It features AI-powered technology that can identify yellow spots on your lawn and apply fertilizer specifically to those areas that need it most.

Just like every other object in this world, LawnMeister comes with an intuitive mobile app. It is used to establish boundaries and no-go zones, schedule the LawnMeister's work times, set the cutting length, and track its progress.

Included in the purchase is a charging dock, a power adapter with an extension cord, six mounting screws, and three sets of cutting blades.

The LawnMeister doesn't come out until August. For people to buy one, they will need to pledge at least $1,000 on

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