Nelly is currently trending online and it all traces back to an apparent massive mistake on the artist's part. Social media is currently reacting to the moment where Nelly apparently realized he had shared his own sex-tape to his Instagram story.

Twitter @KFCBarstool
Twitter @KFCBarstool

Nelly was doing an interview alongside Kevin Hart when he apparently realized that he had made a major mistake. The artist had seemingly inadvertently posted some sexually explicit content, featuring himself and a woman, to his own Instagram story.

After seeing that Nelly was trending on social media, the hosts of the podcast later came to the conclusion that the artist realized he had posted his own sex tape onto social media in the middle of their interview.

See the moment via @KFCRadio on Twitter below.

If the podcast host is right in his assumption, then it appears that Nelly and Kevin Hart were reacting to the mistake in real-time.

Social Media Reacts to Nelly's Sex Tape

While the original video, apparently shared by Nelly to his own Instagram story, is circulating on social media - it is far too explicit to be shared in this post. A clip from the video that has been edited to hide nudity is going viral. IF YOU DARE - you can find that edited clip here.

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