Neil Patrick Harris just couldn't help himself, could he? After telling the audience at the 2013 Emmy Awards that there's more to him than singing and dancing, he bursts out into song and dance!

The number, titled "The Number in the Middle of the Show," did at least shake things up a little by, as the title suggests, planting itself at the halfway mark. Then, part way through the number, came Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman, the latter of who teased her performance on the Emmys red carpet. There were also some sexy ladies in gold-sequined tube dresses and suave gents in suits, but, of course, you can't steal the stage from Neil Patrick Harris.

The 'How I Met Your Mother' star and all-around triple threat previously entertained the crowd with his TV-binging opening sketch and monologue, featuring guests like Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon, Jane Lynch and Conan O'Brien, plus a bit with his 'HIMYM' cast mates and Arsenio Hall about his hosting addiction. For those that watched at home, what was your favorite moment?

The 2013 Emmy Awards ceremony was broadcast live on CBS Sunday, September 22.

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