This is how kids selling green pickles in baggies door to door can help with anxiety, depression and the overall awesomeness of life.

Shout out to my friend Sandy, for helping me decide what to post this week. Inspired by our conversation about the most difficult parts of writing.

I have been posting weekly videos, and my friend had asked what the biggest struggle with writing is.

Writing, like life, has it's struggles, but the constant battle isn't just with finding time, it's mostly the battle with thoughts in the mind.

Negative thoughts hunt all of us

I was aware my thoughts had been relentless in telling me stories, and those stories offered little rest, and plenty of stress.

After hopping on google for answers on how to interrupt the stories, and one of the places I found helpful was a site called Pathway to Happiness.

I started listening to the Gary van Warmerdam’s audio messages for years, and then went to one of his workshops retreats in Zion Park, Utah.

Taking time to think about our thinking, and reflect on where those thoughts and beliefs originated can benefit everyone and the world around them.

As Gary used to say to me when we would wrap up a phone session: “Happy Hunting”!

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