I think we can all agree, Sioux Falls is one big mess at the moment. The flood of March 2019 has done quite the number on the Sioux Empire.

All the rainfall over the past few days, combined with snowmelt, and blocked drainage systems have created flooding issues this city hasn't seen in decades, if ever.

KSFY TV is reporting the city of Sioux Falls is experiencing record flood levels on rivers and creeks in and around the city. We actually broke a record for water levels on the Big Sioux River near Western Avenue, with a record of 17.1 feet. The old record was just over 16 feet, and that dates all the way back to 1957.

Residents in Sioux Falls in need of sandbags is currently at an all-time high, and unfortunately, the city is not going to be able to help at this time, due to their own pressing needs for sandbags to help save lift stations adjacent to the river. 

As KSFY reports, the Sioux Falls Public Works Department is unable to distribute sandbags to residents at the moment in order to protect these vital locations.

Andy Berg, Environmental Storm Water Manager, told KSFY,  that the city is receiving lots of sandbag requests. But, right now we need to reserve sandbags for protection of our critical infrastructure.

The larger lift stations across the Sioux Falls area remain the highest priority according to KSFY.

So where does that leave residents looking for sandbags to help with their own flooding problems?

On Thursday, March 14, KSFY called a number of different hardware stores around Sioux Falls. Home Depot was the only one that had a limited supply of sand left. That of course is subject to change by now.

KSFY kept getting a consistent message from the stores they spoke with, "we're not only running out of just sand, we're running out of gravel, top soil and just about everything else."

As of Thursday, March 14, residents in Lincoln County were able to get sandbags from a sandbag-filling station at the Tri-State Ready-Mix plant in Canton. The station was established thanks to help of the Canton Fire Department.

Source: KSFY TV

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