Somewhere in northeast Nebraska, a legend has taken flight, though the play according to the scorebook ended in a turnover.

On a Tuesday night in Laurel, Nebraska, a community about 41 miles southwest of Sioux City, the Laurel-Concord Bears were playing the Hartington-Newcastle Wildcats. With 5:17 left in the third quarter a loose ball was headed toward the corner of the court.

The Bears’ Ty Erwin dashed toward the ball but stepped on the sideline in trying to retrieve it. Knowing the cause was lost or possibly hoping it wasn’t, he grabbed the ball with his right hand and flung it behind his back in one motion.

Sailing upward after release and then on its eventual downward arc, all in attendance were astounded when the ball snapped through the net with just a little guidance from the rim. No points were awarded in the aspect of the game, but as for the style points, there are plenty.

Laurel-Concord eventually prevailed in the game. However much like Larry Bird’s behind the backboard attempt when he was with the Celtics back in the ’80s, Ty Erwin’s place in the basketball annals is secure. Also a special thanks to Yankton Press and Dakotan Sports Editor James Cimburek for sharing the video on his Twitter feed.

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