Back in July employees at a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska posted a sign on the marquee outside the restaurant that read “We All Quit. Sorry For The Inconvenience”.

Well, it's happened again in Lincoln. Employees at the Family Dollar store at 48th Street and Leighton Avenue posted a sign on the front door that said “We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

KOLN TV reported that the last two Family Dollar employees decided to quit on Sunday. Before they left posted the orange sign.

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According to some former employees said the store manager had quit four or five days earlier. One of the store employees that walked out said the pay is low and they are working extra-long shifts.

The employee stated “We got employees hired, they went through the onboarding process, they’d work for us for two days and they’d quit. They’d be done so it was just a never-ending cycle of training people and them quitting, and we wouldn’t have anybody anymore.”

The store was forced to close but was able to re-open for business on Monday. A statement from Family Dollar said, “Our Lincoln neighborhood store is open for business. We are not able to comment on the employment actions or status of individuals.”

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