*Warning: story contains graphic descriptions of the conditions where abandoned cats were rescued

The sheer number of these instances animal rescue workers and law enforcement authorities have had to respond to lately has been nothing short of staggering. It cannot fully be expressed with words, but the CEO of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) certainly tried.

While these large-scale rescue efforts are becoming all too familiar, we cannot become numb to the suffering

According to KCCI, Tom Colvin was responding to the ARL's latest rescue of nearly 20 abandoned cats and kittens from deplorable, feces-filled, ammonia-ridden conditions in a Johnston apartment. One kitten, aged between 4-6 weeks old, tragically did not survive.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Animal Rescue League of Iowa

The cats and kittens were rescued by the ARL on Tuesday, with one found dead, through assistance from the Johnston Police Department. It was reported by KCCI that "most of the cats were thin with visible scrapes or wounds. Others had eye infections, gum infections, upper respiratory infections, ear mites, worms, and other health problems."

Colvin further described the rescue scene as "dire".

it wasn’t only what the ARL Rescue Team saw that was horrifying, it was also the smell of the feces-filled apartment that assaulted their noses and the heavy ammonia in the air that caused their eyes to burn. There was no doubt the situation was dire

Your help is needed immediately

Now that these 19 kittens have been saved, the effort to nurse them back to health begins. You can help by donating to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and learning more about their heartbreaking story here.

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