NAMI Sioux Falls, the local affiliate of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is expanding its availability to adults with a mental illness diagnosis.

“We are adding a fourth support group,” according to Phyllis Arends of NAMI Sioux Falls. “It will be held on Thursday afternoons at First Presbyterian Church which is at 2300 South West Avenue. If you have a mental illness diagnosis we invite you to come and get some support.”

Arends says the NAMI Connection is unique because it mobilizes people with mental illness to engage others in a dialogue about achieving and maintaining wellness.

“There is nothing like talking to someone who has walked in your shoes, knows what you’re talking about and can give you really good ideas about how to feel better. We call them ‘recovery support groups’ because they do help people recover.”

No registration or enrollment obligation is required to participate in the support groups.

NAMI recognizes that support groups should add to and not replace the treatment plan determined by an individual and his or her mental health care provider. Group discussion will focus on day-to-day coping strategies that are necessary to live with mental illness and may include advice about transitions, employment and other issues.

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