If you or someone you know is due on September 9, 2018, KFC will give you $11,000 if you are willing to name your newborn child after the Colonel! For those of you who are not familiar with the Colonel's name its actually Harland David Sanders. The goal of the contest is to honor his 128th birthday. You don't even need to love KFC to win.

According to Scarymommy, the last time Harland made it way onto the top 1,000 names for American baby list was back in 1918, where only 155 Harland's were born. The $11,000 will be donated to your kids' future college fund. So if you're planning on naming your baby Harland, happen to have your baby on September 9, and want to enter your  little bundle of joy into the contest, just head over to KFC.com after you’ve had your baby and before the contest entry period ends on October 9th to claim your prize!

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