Naked Winery and Sick N Twisted Brewery in Hill City, SD truly live up to their names.

If your mind is always in the gutter, then this is the place for you.

When I visited with some friends, we stayed primarily on the Naked Winery side. All the wines have names that are double entendre.

For example, of the two wine tastings I did, my favorite wine was called Sure Thing. As in, after I drink this bottle of wine, I'm a sure thing.

Anyway, the employees there were super fun and made the wine tasting enjoyable. However, they suggested which wines we tried instead of letting us see a list and then picking what we wanted. I don't mind a couple of suggestions, but picking all of them for me was kind of a bummer. Also, they welcomed walk-ins for the wine tastings, but because they did that, the employees jumped back and forth between parties. Then again, I think our server lost count and we got an extra wine to taste, so maybe it did work out in our favor.

But the best part of Naked Winery was the puppy muffin, Oliver! Oliver was the most chill dog. You could tell he was used to being in the winery because he was not bothered by people at all. But, like most dogs, if you had food, he would come sniffing around.

We ordered the giant pretzel to share, which was delicious, and Oliver hung around the whole time we were eating it. At the very end, I gave him the last bite and he just left it on the floor! So ungrateful!

Naked Winery

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