I grew up in the snow belt and learned to drive on the snow. I was taught to not overdrive the conditions and anticipate what the other drivers will do. It's likely that most people in the Sioux Falls area were taught the same. But it seems every time we get our first real snowstorm some people forget how to drive in the snow.

On Friday morning, as the snow was beginning to pile up, I went to the garage and fired up my front-wheel-drive car. I just put new tires on it about a month ago and the small snow-covered hill in the parking lot was the first test of their grip. They passed. Good tires are vital when driving on snow.

Next, I venture out onto a series of side roads that will eventually bring me to 49th Street. As I come up to an intersection where only the cross street has a stop sign, I see a small SUV approaching the sign. I can tell that the SUV is struggling to slow down for the sign, but the driver was able to stop before sliding into the road. Problem avoided.

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I eventually make it to Oxbow Avenue heading south toward 57th Street. I see a full-size pickup on a side street approaching a stop sign. It was clear that the wide tires on the truck won't have enough grip to stop all that weight. Sure enough, the truck slides halfway through the intersection. I'm going slow enough that I was able to avoid being hit, but it was close. Four-wheel drive helps you accelerate in snow, but it does nothing to help you stop.

As I turn from 57th Street onto Tennis Lane, I see the SUVs in the picture above. The beige one was t-boned by the white one. The picture doesn't show much of the damage but it was extensive. Hopefully, everyone made it through ok.

Finally, I safely pull into the radio station parking lot and my wild ride is over, or so I thought. As I was walking to the building, I slip and nearly fall on my rear.

I hope the ride home is boring. Stay safe.



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