Every small town has a claim to fame. I grew up in the small town of Marshall, Wisconsin. A population of about 3,000 people.

Back in 1991 a man by the name of Lee Merrick opened up a small amusement park called, "Little Amerricka."

Growing up in the small community every kid was excited for it. I remember walking down to the park during the summer time, playing the arcade and eating cotton candy in the concession area.

For the past 35 years now the park is more popular than ever. With twenty-six rides and attractions, people from all over southern Wisconsin and Illinois stop by the check out it.

And in the Spring of 2018, they are opening up the "Whistle Spring Campground" with train access to the park. The campground offers he a swim lagoon, water toys, jumping pillow, Space Ball, and other amenities.

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