Yesterday (January 15), I finally decided to take my iPhone 7 charger out of the box. My old charger from my iPhone 5 still worked so I just left it in the bedroom, where I usually charge my phone at night.

But yesterday, my phone was losing juice fast because I was live tweeting the Dallas Cowboys game because obviously people care what I think .

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7

Anyway, I take it out of the box and as I'm fumbling with the charger and cord, I drop the charger part that plugs into the wall. When I looked down, it was nowhere to be seen. So I proceed to crawl on the ground, look under the couch, under the desk, in a nearby chair, in the pockets of a couple sweatshirts, in the couch cushions, in my shoes. IT IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

I took some video of me retracing my steps. It is seriously gone forever.

P.S. Don't judge my hand me down furniture or my clutter.

P.P.S. Sorry it's a vertical video. I wasn't thinking.

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