An Arkansas menu item has gone viral recently when it added a new feature, "My Girlfriend is not Hungry" option.  According to UPI, Mama D's in Little Rock, Arkansas allows a customer to add extra fries, chicken wings or cheese sticks to an entree so they can be shared with a significant other who underestimates their own hunger.

A guy named Nick Chisler posted the photo to Facebook and has since gotten a bunch of reaction. In fact, within a few days, it received over 21,000 shares. Some people have commented that the menu option was funny and some thought it was sexism. Mama D's said in a Facebook post that the menu option is merely a "solution for those who tend to dine with people that eat food off their plate."

Apparently, Mama D's is not the first restaurant to do this. Other restaurants in America and Canada have adopted the same concept to their menu as well according to the food website

Source: UPI

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