I recently went West River for a long weekend with a couple of friends.

My friend, Ciara, lives near Rapid City and has kayaked before. She thought Heather and I would like it, so she suggested we go kayaking. Heather and I have never kayaked before, but figured why not?

After securing the third kayak, we headed for Lake Sheridan. It was a bit more of a drive, but Ciara assured us the drive would be worth the scenery and she was correct. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was amazing.

I was a bit nervous about kayaking. Even though we had life jackets and I can swim, sort of, I was convinced I was going to spend more time in the lake than on the kayak.

To my surprise, I hardly got wet. I only had a few droplets from the paddles. Look at me go! I'm basically a professional now!

Lake Sheridan is a pretty big lake and got fairly busy. We stayed to the outer parts of the lake as to not be in the faster boat's paths. Well, actually, two of us stayed out of the way. Heather was a bit more adventurous and made her way further out into the lake.

I could see how it could be a good workout, but I was there to float mostly. It was very relaxing and peaceful. It was a nice leisurely activity.

I still somehow ended up with a blister on my right thumb. Just my right. Kind of weird. I swear I wasn't paddling in circles.

For someone that isn't that outdoorsy or adventurous, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy kayaking was. I would totally do it again. However, I think the beautiful surroundings of Lake Sheridan had a lot to do with it.

Also, a huge shout out to Ciara's husband, Matt. He was our chauffeur, kayak wrangler, and part-time photographer. Thanks, Matt!

First Time Kayaking

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