August 10th was National S'mores Day. I knew the Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons was going all out to celebrate so I made it a point to stop by.

They were giving away s'mores, had an obstacle course, and you could even earn a patch!

If you were in a hurry, they had pre-made s'mores. I decided to roast my marshmallow myself! The Girl Scouts thought of everything. They had fire pits to roast your marshmallows and an assembly line of graham crackers and chocolate!

Making my own s'more meant that I earned a Girl Scouts patch!

I then checked out some of the events on the obstacle course. I scoped out the tent and the kayak and learned about recycling.

They also had a jar full of Girl Scout cookies and you had to guess how many were in there. The winner would receive a year's supply of Girl Scout cookies. So many cookies!

Plus, this whole event helped me check something off of my Summer to do list. Eat a s'more. Check.

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