I've lived in the Sioux Falls area for almost 10 years and I've never been to a corn maze! Every fall, I would tell myself that this was the year, but something would always get in the way. I'd be out of town, or the weather would be bad, or I'd have to work.

But last weekend, I was in town, the weather was beautiful, and I didn't have to work. The corn maze gods were shining down upon me.

My friend James and I went to the Heartland Country Corn Maze and it was packed. The great weather brought out a bunch of people.

I let James take the lead with the map because he was the veteran corn maze goer. I didn't realize there were actually numbered checkpoints in the maze to try and find. I thought the point was just to find your way out. Also, if you got the hole punch from the secret treasure, you get a treat at the end!

James found the first two or three and then gave me the map. I was trying to find the third checkpoint and somehow ended up at #10. Ooops.

Towards the end, I was getting the hang of it though. We used a team effort to find the last couple. Also, we sort of cheated by using the emergency exit to bypass a bunch of the maze. I don't really think of it as cheating. It's more like just being efficient. Work smarter not harder.

All in all, it was a great time! We completed the maze in about an hour! For a first timer, I thought that was pretty good. Then again, James did most of it.

After doing the maze during the day and realizing how tough it was, I couldn't imagine doing it at night for the Haunted Maze. Plus, I really had to pee by the end. One good scare and there would have been an accident.

Heartland Country Corn Maze

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