They say married life is hard. I totally disagree with that being true. Single life is what's hard.

I know this from experience after 17 years of being single followed by being married currently for ten years. With marriage, you let someone into your life that you are going to want there every living day. Does it come without some pain? No, but it's at least worth it. You know what you've got and it is what you hinge your life on.

The single life however, opens the door to strangers walking in and destroying your life. I found one thing out. If someone is single, there very well may be reason that they are. They might be nuts. That leads me to this story.

A Phoenix woman is facing numerous charges after she allegedly sent more than 65,000 text messages to a man after a first date last summer, many of them containing bizarre threats.

She’s charged with threatening, stalking, harassment, and failure to appear in court. She says, “I felt like I met my soul mate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine.”

How many times would you or will you contact someone after a date? At what point do you give up when there’s no response?  Or do you?

Before going on a date, think things over very carefully. And for your own sake, be cautious who you give your phone number to.

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