I'm very proud of my girls today, even though they make me wonder who the strange people are in my house.

Yesterday my wife Crystal and 6-year-old daughter Jackie donated their hair for the second time together. Each of them donated 12 inches to Wigs For Kids, a program that makes wigs for kids affected by hair loss, often times because of cancer. The last time they donated was in October of 2012.

Crystal has also donated before that. She chopped and donated her hair shortly after we were married in 2007.

There is one side effect to this chopping of hair by my wife and daughter. There is a strange woman and one of my daughter's friends in my house. When I see Crystal out of the corner of my eye, it looks like someone else is in my house. Same goes for Jackie. Her hair looks just like one of her friend's hair so I constantly think her friend is in our house when she isn't. That's OK, though. I'll adapt.


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