As we steamroll toward the holiday season, it’s a time to anticipate family gatherings. One of the more heartening processes within certain families is passing traditions from one generation to the next.

Whether it is foods, stories or games; it’s a way of carrying our loved ones with us. We look upon those memories quite fondly and they will sometimes sustain us through the hard times.

I’m reflecting on my parent’s affinity with movies and the broad spectrum of cinema that I never would have experienced without their guidance. Once videos were available for rental and eventually for purchase, a number of classic and not so classic films myself and my siblings rolled through the VCR.

These flicks were mostly from the 1960’s and included mostly westerns and other selections involving the major stars of that time. Paul Newman spent time on the small screen wolfing down hard-boiled eggs in Cool Hand Luke. A treasure-trove of movies featuring The Duke were a part of that package and the touted car chase in Steve McQueen’s Bullit came through as well.

Add twenty years to those cinematic triumphs and what will my own children take from my formative years? Already the Indiana Jones and Star Wars series have been sampled. Maybe when they are a little older The Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing will make the cut.

How about bridging the gap between multiple generations? It might take a little stretching for millenials to watch The Ten Commandments or The Wizard of Oz. Maybe not. Those are triumphs that continue to stand.

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