When I started junior high in 2007, Motorola's Razr phone was the "it" thing to have.  I remember begging my parents for one, especially after seeing my older cousins with their Razr phones. Given the fact that most people today own a smartphone, Motorola is giving people reasons to "flip-back" to the Razr.

The new Razr from Motorola is basically the smartphone of all flip phones.  It resembles the classic Razr with its slick style.  According to CNN Business, "Motorola achieved this ultimate pocketability with an ingeniously well-engineered hinge. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Razr is perfectly flat when folded: it has no gap. The Razr has two pieces of metal that snap up against the screen to hold it firmly in place when it's opened."

Remember when you could close your mobile phone to hang up on someone?  Well.....you can relive that experience all over again and more!  When you open the phone, it reveals a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

This phone from Verizon could be yours for $1,500! Will you exchange your smartphone for the new Razr?

Source: CNN Business

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