Do you have a specific dog breed you prefer as opposed to other breeds? We have always loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Our dog Percy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. He is about as easy going as a dog can be. Before Percy joined our family we had another Cavalier named Bogey. He had his own unique personality, but was also very laid back.

This past weekend we were talking about everyone's favorite breed of dog, which led me to doing some research. According to each state seems have it's own Most Popular Dog Breed.

Labrador Retrievers top the list in 44 states. Go figure? American Kennel Club that tracks purebred dog registries in the United States says that indeed Labrador Retrievers are the favorite dog breed in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska.

The top three favorite dog breeds in the aforementioned states include German Shepards and Golden Retrievers except for North Dakta which prefers Beagles to Golden Retrievers. I'm guessing that is some sort of Snoopy effect.

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