Millions of automobiles flood the world's highways. Cars of every shape and size.

There countless models from the various manufacturers. There is every color you can imagine.

You've got your American made cars, vehicles built in Germany, and all those cars out of Japan. There are cars from many countries.

And the vast options make each car a little different in it's own way. But, no matter what car you see, if it has four doors, it shares common ground.

And that common ground leads right back to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The four door car was invented there.

Siouxland Heritage Museum

In 1908, 19-year-old Thomas L. Fawick built an original automobile in his shop on West 13th Street that would become known as the Fawick Flyer. With it's four door design, it could seat five passengers.

A total of five cars were built by Fawick. They each were sold for the price of $3,000

Siouxland Heritage Museum

Fawick was born in Sioux Falls in 1889. He died in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978 at age 89 as a very wealthy man. His education never went beyond seventh grade. He gets credit for every four door car you will ever see.

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