All across the country there is good food but some restaurants truly stand out as GREAT! Today there are many different types of restaurants. From Asian to Italian, Seafood to Mexican. Have you ever tried to get a reservation at a restaurant on a Saturday night and they have a 40 minute wait?

Well according to, here are the most booked restaurants in South Dakota, so they must be great right?

  1. Minerva's - Sioux Falls
  2. CRAVE - Sioux Falls
  3. Parker's Bistro
  4. Dakotah Steakhouse
  5. Delmonico Grill
  6. Spezia - Steaks, Italian & Seafood
  7. Murphy's Pub and Grill
  8. Minerva's - Rapid City
  9. Crawford's Bar & Grill
  10. Bracco World Cafe & Island Bar

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