Just like peeling layers of husk from the corn, there is more to Mitchell than that big building in on the north end of downtown that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The Corn Palace is the ever-enduring symbol of the agricultural land that surrounds the Davison County seat. Brian, who is a Mitchell resident, says technology is growing in a fertile business setting.

“We have two companies (in Mitchell) providing gigabit service. We have fast internet and great communication systems, far beyond what many cities have been able to reach. If you’re building out phone systems in rural America, anywhere in Canada or an international system, you call these companies in Mitchell, South Dakota.”

Brian also says Mitchell Technical Institute gets a gold star for further enhancing Mitchell’s cutting edge status.

“Mitchell Tech offers boutique training in technology that helps that industry grow. That is unique to us. Plus it’s as much or more important than the symbol of our community, which is the Corn Palace.”

Highlighting the importance of the tech sector, in a city of over 15,000 residents, Mitchell can boast up to 500 jobs serving that industry.

While growth on the south side of Interstate 90 has certainly changed the dynamic of the city’s offerings over the past 15 years, Brian maintains that the nerve center of Mitchell’s future is the office industry on the north side of the highway.

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