For the last ten years going to Mitchell, SD before schools starts has become our family tradition.

It's a short drive for us to make it to the town of less than 20,000 people. According to Siri it should take just under an hour and ten minutes.

We've made the trip to Mitchell every summer for the last ten years, and hit up the exact same spots every time. Here are our 5 spots:

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    Photo by Travis Jacobs

    It's got camouflage. I don't think you need many more reasons to spend 3 hrs in a store

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    Chef Louie's

    Photo by Travis Jacobs

    I've ordered something different during every visit to Chef Louie's, and every time I feel the meal is one of the best I've had anywhere.

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    Ramada Mitchell

    Photo by Travis Jacobs

    This hotel sports the same indoor miniature golf course I played on when I stayed there as a kid.

    It's a nice feature for a little entertainment when you don't feel like leaving the hotel, and a great way to dry off after a swim.

    The other reason this hotel makes the list every year is the fact the swimming pool has a legitimate deep end. It's hard to find a hotel anymore with a pool big enough to enjoy, and this hotel pool has a deep end of 9 ft. which is perfect for practicing my belly flops.

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    The Worlds Only Corn Palace

    Photo By Travis Jacobs

    Over 500,000 visitors every year can't be wrong. You knew the palace would make the list, and we hit it up every year. One reason being the popcorn, and the other being we always meet someone out of those 500,000 from around the world that leads to a great conversation.

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    Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

    Photo by Travis Jacobs

    It never gets old. Well it gets older, but it's amazing to see this piece of history. They have done an incredible job with the way they have placed multiple learning experiences through miniature, and life size models.

    Huts big enough to walk through, dig sites, and a giant sand pit for kids to look for bones and arrow heads makes Mitchell's Prehistoric Indian Village a win visit for anyone.

    Over the years we have watched fireworks displays on the lake right next to the Village, we've watched Brule' perform live, and logged many great memories here.

    Thanks again for having us Mitchell! We'll be back.