Cellphones. Seems like we can't live without them.

So, why is it they can be so hard to keep track of?

I have one that can find the smallest crack in between the seat and the door in my car. I swear if it wasn't for the buzz of the ringer or the actual ringer that for some reason got left on, I would have lost mine a dozen times. This week.

With that in mind, when I read this story I perked up. Seems a farmer in Oklahoma lost his phone, 'in a grain pit.' I imagine he was at a grain drop off like Dakota Plains just outside of Parkston, South Dakota. He probably had it on his belt with a pair of pliers or in the chest pocket of his shirt.

Probably thought...'That's gone, I'll never see it again.'

'Hello, did you lose a cell phone?' That's what the voice on the other end of the line said from a man whose voice sounded different than all his friends.

'Why Yes!' 'I lost a cell phone last fall!'

'I found it, I'm calling you on it right now'

Here's where it gets interesting. The call WAS on HIS phone, but the call was coming from Japan! Seems the phone made the trip across the ocean to a mill half a world away in Japan.

Farmer Whitney got his phone back. complete with all his photos including precious pictures of his daughter's wedding.

Whitney said, 'It's crazy and I can't believe it. But what shocked me the most was what a small word it is.'

Well said Mr. Whitney. Well said.


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