Every now and then you'll see a story on how some people can't take humor. One Minnesota worker got fired after making comments over the PA system after the store closed.

This story has me asking "what would you say into the PA system if there are still people in the store after it is closed?". One person took the opportunity to display their humor, and the customers still in the store weren't having it.

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Nickolas Cruiser who goes by the handle @Nickolas Cruiser shared the video to TikTok and it has gone viral. It was posted on 11/23/22 and has over 2 million views. Before I share the video, I'll share what he wrote for the caption of the clip. The hashtags had me rolling:

#JusticeForMicBoy I WAS FIRED FROM KMART (ok it was JoAnn Fabrics) Joann, pls hire me back. I worked at your Edina location off York avenue. @kmart Australia YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME BACK, I'm really sad you let me go. I'll do a good job if you hire me again, please! I promise not to yell at your old lady customers base by telling them "I'm COMING TO GET THEM" and other similarly concerning things :((((((

Some of the other hashtags he used were: #elederywomen, #doublechin, #spykids, #unshaven, #SANE, and more.

To me, the worker was just having some fun. If it was really after the store closed, I see no harm in it. I also don't know what the rules are for using the PA system at JoAnn Fabrics, but I could tell it was all jokes. It also doesn't say exactly how old the customers were. Check out the video below:

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