January 6th, 2021 is a day that will forever live in American history.  Hundreds of Trump supporters breached our nation's Capitol Building and America's security was dangling by a thread.

Now law enforcement officials around the country are trying to identify all the protestors involved with the Capitol Riot.  One video going viral just made that extremely easy for Minnesota officials.

Minnesota reporter, Kyler Potter, shared the video of a woman leaving the plane over his Twitter account.  This incident appears to have happened on a Delta flight over the weekend.  The woman that's seen in the video identified herself as "Melody Marie Black."   So who is Melody Marie Black?  Leave it to social media to fill in the blanks.

Melody Black is a Minnesota native from Red Wing, which is located right next to the borderline of Wisconsin in the southeastern part of the state.  Melody has also identified herself at various Trump rallies in Minnesota.

In the video, Melody tells fellow passengers that Delta officials kicked her off the flight for being "loud."   Melody walks off the plane with her bags visibly upset.  She was not the only one kicked-off a flight after the Capitol Riot. WARNING: Some videos can have explicit content.  

For the record, Delta does have a policy that allows them to remove any "unruly" passenger or passengers from a flight. Furthermore, flyers asked to leave their flight due to their involvement with the Capitol Riot were NOT on a no-fly list.  This would include Melody Black.

This has been a stressful start to the year.  Let's remember to be kind to everyone and focus on the positives in life.

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