Winning the division is pretty straightforward for the Minnesota Vikings, but the team is able to clinch a spot in the playoffs with a few other situations.

Minnesota enters Week 15's home game against Cincinnati with an opportunity to win the NFC North and secure the right to host a home playoff game. All they need to do is defeat the Bengals and the NFC North title comes to Minnesota for the first time since 2015. If the Vikings win the NFC North this weekend, they will do so in the earliest time frame since the 2009 season (Week 15).

The Vikings can also clinch the NFC North if they fall to the Bengals. They would need both the Lions (vs. Bears on Saturday night) and Green Bay (@ Carolina) to lose.

Outside of the division, Minnesota can also clinch a playoff spot in general. They would need some help in order to do so and it boils down to Seattle, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Carolina.

The Vikings can clinch a playoff spot with a combination of a Seattle loss + Atlanta Loss + (New Orleans loss or Carolina loss or Detroit loss/tie)...A Seattle loss + Atlanta Tie + (New Orleans loss + Detroit loss/tie), OR a Seattle loss + Atlanta Tie + New Orleans Loss + Carolina Loss.

Here's a full breakdown for all the teams that can clinch a spot this weekend.

Minnesota and Cincinnati meet at US Bank Stadium on Sunday (December 17) at 12:00.

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