Many companies have had to pivot quickly from making one thing to another as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Whether it's Ford, GE, and 3M teaming up to make masks and ventilators, or Pernod Ricard (which made vodka and whiskey before the pandemic), now making hand sanitizer. Now you can add Minnesota-based company, MyPillow to that list.

MyPillow recently announced that they will be shifting 75 percent of their production to make face masks for hospitals. CEO Mike Lindell says they will soon have the capacity to make up to fifty thousand units every day, which will help hospitals out tremendously in the coming weeks and months.

Many local hospitals in Minnesota will benefit from this, as well as hospitals from around the United States. Lindell said he worked closely with the Trump administration to get the correct design for the masks.

The Chaska, Minnesota company has been in business since 2004 and has sold over 41 million pillows worldwide.

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