Not sure exactly why there seem to be so many creeps, perverts and whatever else you can call them but they seem to pop up in the news all the time.

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According to, some families in a Minneapolis neighborhood are extremely concerned about what's been happening the last few months in their normally tranquil Minneapolis neighborhood.

Police are looking for a man that rides a skateboard while groping girls. Several girls in the neighborhood have reported being groped by a man riding a skateboard. So far the man has not been identified, as of Tuesday evening.

Amy, the mother of one of the groped girls told Fox 9 News her 11 year old daughter was groped by a man who skateboarded up from behind her around 3 in the afternoon, October 15th.

"My daughter came into the house immediately afterward and said something just made me really uncomfortable… as [he was] passing her, they reached out and grabbed her bottom, and then they said something to her, but she couldn’t understand what they said," Amy said. "I was disgusted and upset, and came outside and looked down the street and walked around the block to see if I can find the guy."

Amy discovered online that there had been close to a dozen other reports of similar incidents in the area. It appears to be a "serial groper" but even though the police note the similarities in the reports, they are investigating each groping as separate a separate case.

Amy, the 11 year old's mother was forced to have a serious conversation about what happened. "She’s just creeped out. She doesn’t want to stop doing the activities that she likes doing because of this incident," Amy said. "I just let her know that it wasn’t her fault, and she didn’t do anything wrong."

Hopefully, they can get this creep off the streets soon!

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