News outlets reported recently that several civilians had been killed by a Russian attack while waiting in a bread line.

The tragedy took place in Chernihiv, which is in the Northeastern part of Ukraine. According to those in the area, the city has been bombed indiscriminately, and there have been civilian casualties.

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CBS News reports that Ukraine believes more than 10 people were killed by a recent attack.

One of those killed has been identified by family as Minnesota native Jimmy Hill.

Hill had been working as a teacher and freelance lecturer in Ukraine before the invasion began.


Hill died during the attack, according to a Facebook post from his sister Chery Hill Gordon, the Star Tribune reports. 

My heart goes out to the family. What a senseless tragedy. Jimmy was sharing updates with friends and family since the Russian invasion began.

He spoke about the intense bombing and the different plans they were trying to come up with to evacuate with his partner and others.

Mr. Hill was with his partner who was seeking medical attention for her MS. His story highlights the disadvantages people with medical conditions face when it comes to fleeing a besieged country.

Many of the updates he shared painted a picture of how desperate locals who can't evacuate have become in Ukraine. There are constant power outages, internet outages, and limited food and resources.

Jimmy Hill was born in Eveleth, Minnesota. He graduated from Mahtomedi High School, and then went on to earn a master's degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin River Falls.

Here is a photo of Jim he shared on Facebook in recent years.

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