I was out of town last week and had some much needed rest and relaxation. Well, I went to Valleyfair so rest and relaxation aren't exactly what happened. It's more like screams and exhaustion.

I hadn't been to an amusement park in a long time. I hadn't been to Valleyfair ever!

I love roller coasters, but hadn't been on one in forever. I wasn't sure now that I'm the big 3-0 if my body would hold up. Well, I still got it. I never got nauseous or anything like that, but I definitely felt the rattling in my neck and head. Ibuprofen was taken halfway through the day.

I have also become a bit of a wuss. I used to be a "hands-up-on-rollercoasters" kind of person. Not anymore. I felt I had to hold on for dear life to save myself in case something went wrong.

All-in-all it was a great day! We rode all the coasters, sang some karaoke, watched some cool shows, and ate all the food.

Besides Valleyfair, I checked out a few local eateries to compare and contrast the Twin City favorite: Juicy Lucy!

I also had to pay my respects to Prince while I was in his neck of the woods.

I know you wanna see all my pictures so here they are:


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