It was only around three decades ago that the legal drinking age in most states was raised to 21. Before that, 18-year olds could enjoy a cold one – legally.

In the 1980’s, after the drinking age was raised to 21, I remember driving across the state line from Iowa to South Dakota to grab a 12-pack of beer. We weren’t as cool (or good looking) as the bootleggers in Legend’s of the Fall, but we were close.

 If I’m old enough to join the Army, I’m old enough to drink a beer, dammit!” - every 18-year old on the planet in the 80's.

Now, a state Representative from Minnesota wants to change the very law that has stood since Olympia beer was cool. Phyllis Kahn says that the U.S. Supreme Court can’t threaten to withhold state funding for highways unless the state law was raised to 21. That happened in 1984 – and I remember the day well.

Presently, Representative Kahn is attempting to pass one of two bills:

  • 1.) 18-year-olds could legally drink in restaurants and bars.
  • 2.) 18-year-olds could drink in restaurants and bars if they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or spouse who is of legal drinking age.

If either of the laws pass, a person under the age of 21 would still not be able to purchase liquor from a liquor store.

Good idea – or wait until your 21? However the vote rolls in the house in late 2015, Minnesota might want to ready themselves for an influx of weekend teenager visitors from Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. Ah, the memories.

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