Michael James Powers a 76-year-old man from East Grand Forks, Minnesota is facing some serious jail time after he went bonkers trying to kill some squirrels in his yard. Now the population in East Grand Forks is no Metropolis, (with a population of just over 9,000 people) but he lives in a residential area where he had neighbors in fairly close proximity to his home.

On December 4 his neighbor called the police after he and his wife found bullet holes in the siding of their house along with another bullet hole in the window of their son's bedroom. Inside their home, they found broken glass and found a .22 caliber bullet sitting on the window sill.

Police examined the trajectory of the bullets and determined that they must have come from Powers home. Powers told the officer that he shot at a squirrel that was on top of his bird feeder and missed. He said this is not the first time he has shot at the squirrels in his yard which he does from his bedroom window by the way. He went on to say he has done this for years. According to The East Grand Forks Herald he said "He would go talk to the guy and make it right."

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Officers told Powers that one of the bullets he shot went into a child's bedroom window. He was arrested and has been charged with "felony discharge of a firearm within city limits and misdemeanor reckless handling of a weapon." Powers handed over his gun to law enforcement a .22 Caliber rifle. When he told his wife he was being arrested she said "I told you so!"

Seriously though this man should never own a firearm again. He has shown that he obviously is not safe with a gun and thankfully nobody was hurt or killed during this latest incident or during his past indiscretions of shooting all willy-nilly at squirrels.

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