We all have probably told or heard some "epic" fish stories over the years, but where the truth lies with regard to those stories is usually subjective.

That at least used to be the case more so than now as technology has allowed us to sift through the storytellers and find the real fisherman.

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One of those real fishermen lives in Red Wing, MN, and has been pulling some monster-size sturgeon out of the Mississippi River lately.

Gary Wettern, (age not confirmed), has reeled in 15 sturgeon over the last few weeks, fishing south of Lock Dam 3 near Red Wing. 

Of the 15 sturgeon he has got in the boat, the smallest was 25 inches, with other lengths including 53 inches, 60 inches, and the largest monster measured in at 75 inches.

Sturgeon - Jeff Thurn Results Radio
Sturgeon - Jeff Thurn Results Radio

This man amongst beasts has been using a 17.5ft Alumacrat Predator with a Hummingbird fish finder and usually fishing in about 18ft of water.

He also suggests you try to get on the water when the water temperature is roughly 67 degrees as that is when the best sturgeon bite has been happening.

Gary Wettern Fisherman - Jeff Thurn Results Radio
Gary Wettern Fisherman - Jeff Thurn Results Radio

Not only has Gary been catching the monster sturgeon, but he has also been guiding some of the locals and just the other day, they caught 3 sturgeons with the biggest landing at 53 inches.

Since the sturgeon is a protected fish, all of the monsters he has caught have been immediately released back into the river.

Many of us have told people we have caught "the big one" but recently in the Mississippi River, Gary Wettern (aka Fish Master), has been living the dream so many of us one day hope to experience.


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