You just know there is going to be alcohol involved in this story. Actually, it would be a bit more horrific if the ear biter was sober.

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According to, Jesse Ray Frey was charged in Faribault County Court with a couple of pretty serious charges. Frey was charged with 1st degree assault-great bodily harm, a felony and gross misdemeanor DWI.

The complaint stated that Frey and a friend, probably former friend now, went out to a local bar for a night of drinking. After leaving the bar, Frey's friend thought Frey was too drunk to drive and attempted to stop him.

The friend reached and attempted to remove the keys from the ignition and that started a fight between the two men. During the altercation Frey leaned over and bit the top of his friend's ear completely off.

Authorities investigating the assault say they saw the “mutilated and partially missing ear.” After Frey left the scene, his car was discovered on Highway 169 by the I-90 overpass. Officers noticed leaking fluids, damage to the side mirror on Frey's car and shrubbery on his car.

Officers determined that Frey had driven right through a nearby roundabout. I guess roundabouts are tricky when you're drunk, so might as well just plow right through it.

Frey appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol and refused a breathalyzer test at the scene. Frey was then arrested and taken to the Faribault County Jail and booked.

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