It's always disheartening to hear about adults setting these bad examples for their kids. Coaches are constantly dealing with the wrath of parents.

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This story, as reported by, is a bit different than the usual story of "My kid doesn't get to play enough" or "You should be doing things this was, etc.".

This instance involved a park board soccer coach, actually a fill-in coach who was coaching a soccer match September 15th at Armatage Park in Minneapolis.

During the match, a referee told one of the players that he had to remove a necklace he was wearing. The 15year old player went to the sidelines and handed the coach his necklace and returned to the field.

Later, the kid asked the coach for his necklace back and the coach took it out of his pocket and returned it to the kid. It's then that the kid claimed he had given the coach two necklaces and wanted the other one back. The coach maintained that the kid had only given him the one necklace to hold. The kid became upset and left the field.

After the match, the coach searched the field for the second necklace but found nothing, That's when the kid and his father, Ruiz Benitez and 2 other men returned to the field and confronted the soccer coach.

The police report stated; "The group [of adults] told Victim to empty his pockets. Victim refused and took out his cell phone to call 911. Suspect 1 then punched Victim in the face with a closed fist and attempted to take Victim’s cell phone from his hand. Suspect 2 went behind Victim and put him in a chokehold. One of the suspects then grabbed the Park Board van key off a lanyard that Victim had across his neck and took it. The group then left the area."

The coach was not seriously injured, suffering only a cut from the attack. He later identified his attacker, Ruiz Benitez in a photo line up, as his attacker. Police stated that Ruiz is also wanted on a "threats of violence " charge in a separate case.

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