Alternative forms of energy are in every state. Here in South Dakota, we source power from the sun and wind. Thanks to the waterways of the Missouri River hydroelectric power also provides a big portion of energy with its four dams in the state.

"In 2021, South Dakota generated two and a half times more electricity than in 2008, primarily because of wind power."

But, we do not have a nuclear power plant. If you take a look at the map below there is a huge void of nuclear power plants.


The closest nuclear power plant is 172 miles to the south at Fort Calhoun outside of Blair, Nebraska along the Missouri River. The power plant is owned by the Omaha Public Power District of Omaha, Nebraska which receives 25 percent of its power from Fort Calhoun.

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Residents in Minnesota are familiar with two nuclear power facilities. Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant near the city of Welch and the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant along the Mississippi River at Monticello.

The plant at Monticello provides carbon-free electricity for more than 870,000 Upper Midwest homes. And, one of the state's largest employers. It was commissioned in 1971, three years before Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant.

93 commercial nuclear reactors are operating in the United States at 55 locations in 28 states.

How would you like to live in Illinois where there are 11 Nuclear power plants?

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