We posed the question: 'Does Cheese Belong On Tater Tot Hotdish?'.

You came through once again and it seems that a majority of you accept that cheese does indeed go into a hotdish.

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Over the weekend, I was scrolling on social media and came across a group, I'm not really sure which one, but there seemed to be an online battle over cheese and tater tot hotdish. In all fairness every time we've made it, it's contained cheese, generally the last 5 minutes in the oven we sprinkle shredded cheese on top.

TSM photos
TSM photos

Going through your answers on our Facebook page I came to realize rather quickly that Central Minnesota was indeed the spot for me, and many of you agreed.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

In an effort to remain unpartisan, I Googled Tater Tot Hotdish Recipe and it seems the internet is evenly split. Check out the first two results I got. One featured shredded cheese and the second was cheeseless. (The second one even mentions Minnesota in the description)

Some folks though simply cannot stand the thought of a cheesy gooey hunk of tater tot hotdish. That's cool, you can enjoy your dry hotdish. The rest of us will be over here with our cheese-inclusive hotdish.

Honestly and truthfully, however, you serve it, what's most important is who surrounds your table, rather than what's on it. Stay safe out there on a slick Monday morning!

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