Jeff Gromer, Warden of the Minnahaha County Jail, says two inmates were given Narcan after suffering overdoses.

"Corrections officers working in one of the housing units in the jail were alerted and discovered an inmate who was unconscious and not breathing.They started to assess his condition. As they had other units responding they found the second inmate in the same housing unit who was in very much the same condition. They started care to that individual as well. Medical staff arrived. Both inmates were in cardiac and respiratory arrest. They did their assessment and administered Narcan which was able to revive both individuals. The two were transported to the hospital and returned to the jail."

Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead responded to the incident.

"I've been down here and have had long discussions publicly
about the meth epidemic we have in our community. But I talked at the same time about the fact that we are seeing heroin and Opioid use in the Midwest."

Authorities believe the drug used by the inmates was a type of opioid.

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