While most of the talk lately has been about banning certain types of guns, last week, the city of Minneapolis enacted a unique ban of their own, especially for a city that size.

KSFY TV is reporting Minneapolis is the first city of its size in the country to ban new construction on drive-through windows.

The move came after City Council officials voted on Thursday, (August 8) to ban the new construction of drive-through windows at facilities likely to use such windows in their establishment.

According to KSFY, the ban was actually proposed by Council President Lisa Bender in 2018 to help cut down on things like, vehicle noise, idling, traffic congestion and most importantly to make sidewalks safer for pedestrians.

New construction of drive-through windows has already been prohibited in 17 of Minneapolis' 23 zoning districts.

Now the question everybody is wondering, what happens to the existing drive-through windows already in place at various businesses throughout the city? According to the report, those windows will be grandfathered in.

Would you be in favor of our City Council members making a similar type move here in Sioux Falls?

Source: KSFY TV


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