Jose Bautista is a straight-up rock star in Toronto after his go-ahead (and ultimately game-winning) three-run home in the decisive Game 5 victory over the Texas Rangers in the American League Division Series, which was punctuated by what may be the greatest bat flip in history.

But truth be known, he had some help.

Check out who Twitter has dubbed #MiniBautista, a little boy with a painted-on Jose Bautista beard who called the shot just before Bautista launched the ball into the seats and launched all of Toronto into a frenzy not seen since Joe Carter went yard in the '93 World Series.

If you think Mini Bautista's home run call was a fluke, don't be so quick to judge. It turns out he was doing his thing earlier in the game and -- bam! -- Bautista smacked a double. Moral of the story: Mini Bautista should get better seats when the Royals come to town in the ALCS.

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