We have seen so much scrutiny for Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns for his trip to a nightclub on his bye week and it subsequently got him benched for two games before coming back and starting for the Browns and leading them to a win.

Now today, pictures surfaced from a late night/early morning trip to the strip club in LA for some members of the Milwaukee Bucks on the same day they play the LA Clippers.

My question to you is this, do you think Bucks players who were at the strip the morning of a game will be suspended or benched for 1/8 of their regular season?

I think we all know the answer is no.

Clearly Johnny Manziel is a bigger star than anyone currently on the Bucks and any news surrounding Manziel becomes bigger news than it would for some but my point is simple, the Browns mismanaged that situation and to see this today shows that these activities are much more normal than some would like to concede.

NFL players go out the Friday and sometimes the Saturday before a game, I've seen it first hand.  I've seen NBA players at the clubs the night before games and even at times after a game.

So when I heard the news about Johnny or about these Bucks players, I shrugged my shoulders as it appears to be a part of the professional sports culture to some extent and to think a quarterback who was clearly better than his counterparts was benched for a trip to the club a week prior to a game is flat out rediculous.

Furthermore it shows that Browns head coach Mike Pettine is unqualified to be a head coach and make such decisions if he doesn't even realize the culture he is coaching in.

I'm glad the Milwaukee Bucks players got a chance to blow off some steam and some money at the strip club in LA because after losing to the Lakers of all teams last night, they get the Clippers tonight and it's likely they will need the good memories of the strip club to console themselves after getting swept in LA.


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