Considering the insane amount of comedians, actors, musicians and even athletes to pass through those double doors at 30 Rock and straight into the SNL stratosphere only to wind up immortalized in a skit, monologue or musical performance forever, it seems almost impossible to pinpoint one person who was the most appropriate to host the special.

The first monologue for the SNL 40th Anniversary Special highlighted this in the greatest way possible. Out came Steve Martin, addressing the fact that countless legendary comedians have passed through SNL to host, and are pretty much the foundation and reason for its success. Then Tom Hanks pops in to remind him of all the great actors that hosted the show, you know, like himself. There was some great banter between the two, because of course, and then Alec Baldwin chimed in.

Shortly after that, the entire thing turned into the perfect example of the different types of hosts that passed through over the years. From Melissa McCarthy and Chris Rock to Peyton Manning and Miley Cyrus (who made the point that she's been both the host and the musical guest. Get that money, girl), to Billy Crystal and Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, it was a fantastic display that shows exactly why SNL has been around for 40 years.

The skit then went straight into a montage demonstrating the immense amount of talent -- from comedians to actors to musicians -- that's been on the show over the years, and we have never felt more nostalgic.

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