The wait for Mike Miller's new restaurant in Sioux Falls is almost over as they have released an open date for the new digs at what use to be the Turks and Caicos location.

Let It Fly will have a VIP event on Monday, July 12 that is closed to the public, but will open its doors on July 13 to the city of Sioux Falls.

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According to Miller and the restaurant, training is going on this week and they are very excited about next week's launch.

Miller already owns one Let It Fly restaurant in Memphis where many gather for big events in the city or to grab a great bite to eat.

His Sioux Falls location will be similar but have some of its own twists.

There will be indoor and outdoor seating and will look to capitalize on the ever-growing sports scene in Sioux Falls with so many TVs to watch the games and have some fun while doing so.

Let It Fly Sioux Falls Location - Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media
Let It Fly Sioux Falls Location - Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media

Recently on ESPN 99.1, Miller discussed his post-career ambitions in the business world including the franchise restaurant industry.

It is a world he has already been successful in and is excited about bringing that endeavor to his home state.

The 2x NBA champion is a Mitchell, SD native, and has always kept business interests in the state that loves him so much.

Many have asked if Mike Miller will be a frequent visitor to his own restaurant when he is in town and the company President David Rodriguez surely believes so, “I can guarantee you Mike will be there celebrating the new location and I would be very confident to say if you come into Let it Fly you’re going to see Mike from time to time.”

Hopefully, you will have a chance to check out the new Sioux Falls restaurant and maybe run into the NBA champ.


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